Scala.js SPA-tutorial


Tutorial for creating a simple (but potentially complex!) Single Page Application with Scala.js and Play.


This project demonstrates typical design patterns and practices for developing SPAs with Scala.js with special focus on building a complete application. It started as a way to learn more about Scala.js and related libraries, but then I decided to make it more tutorial-like for the greater good :)

The code covers typical aspects of building a SPA using Scala.js but it doesn't try to be an all-encompassing example for all the things possible with Scala.js. Before going through this tutorial, it would be helpful if you already know the basics of Scala.js and have read through the official Scala.js tutorial and the great e-book Hands-on Scala.js by Li Haoyi (lihaoyi).


Tutorial code is hosted in a Github repo.

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